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Catering for Comfort

Choosing a Kitchen that Caters for Comfort

‘Comfort kitchens’, such as the contemporary German manufactured kitchen from the Mark David collection, enabling the customer to tailor a kitchen precisely to their needs – practical, convenient and comfortable.

As we reach the twilight of our lives we have different priorities when choosing a new kitchen. It is with this in mind that Mark David now offers a range of “Comfort Kitchens” which demonstrate many small yet well thought out details to make day to day tasks that easier. These details include:

  • A slanted sink base unit and recessed base units under the hob area allowing you to sit comfortably when preparing and cooking food
  • Motorised lift up doors on wall units
  • Top shelves in wall units made easily accessible by using the “lift boy” mechanism which allows the shelf to come easily down to you (as above)
  • Practical midway shelving for smaller items.
  • Convenient heights for dishwashers and cooking appliances
  • Easy to use top drawers
  • Functional handles

With Mark David’s range of kitchens, customers of all generations can design their own dream kitchen to make their life easier!

Choosing a Kitchen that Caters for Comfort

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