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Modern Handle-less Kitchen Design

Do Modern Handle-less Kitchen Design have to be so Limited?

One of the most popular contemporary kitchen features is the handle-less design, such as the German manufactured kitchen pictured here available from Mark David.

This streamlined, handsome modern design incorporates a linear handle rail cavity which allows designers to incorporate a flowing and unbroken handle line.

But generally, due to its design, handle-less kitchens can have a reputation for having their limitations, for example:

  • Only certain appliances with certain apertures can be used, giving less choice
  • Unnecessary panels have to be used to cover up cut-outs in the base unit carcase sides
  • Due to a lesser worktop overhang of 5mm being required, all base units have to be pulled off the wall when used with a standard 600mm deep worktop. This means the use of infills in most cases or extra cost of extended carcase sides if available.
  • The handlerail is only available in stainless steel
  • Having to remember what door sizes, door finishes and cabinets are not available in a handle-less design

At Mark David, we’re pleased to report that our range of German modern kitchens go a long way to help alleviate most of these limitations:

  • Ballerina offer a vertical handlerail as well as a horizontal handlerail in a choice of TEN standard colours
  • There are 26 standard carcase colours inside and out to choose from
  • There is a separate dedicated handle-less price list and product guide – clarifying exactly what door sizes, door finishes and cabinets are available
  • As well as standard tall housing units in the handle-less range, Ballerina offers module units which can be designed to your own specification
  • Provided with each handle-less kitchen are detailed instructions, including special fitting accessories only applicable for the handle-less range – eg special “easy to use spacers” which tap into pre-drilled holes in the back of the base carcase so that when they are pushed to the wall they are set at the right depth to allow for a 5mm overhang on a standard 600mm deep worktop
  • Any end panels or end base carcases are automatically extended to the right depth for handle-less at no extra charge
  • Special drawer widths between 310mm to 1190mm can be specified in handle-less

This is an example of the sort of thinking and attention to detail that Mark David offer to our kitchen loving customers!

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